MEDIEN AKTIV SERVICE - Quality and Conviction - since 1986

Audiovisual live-communication is our core competency.

We offer you a professional solution for the presentation of your message at fairs and events.

We constantly meet the challenge to find solutions regarding accomplishment and technics. 

Please feel free to count on our constantly increasing know-how.

Technical Media Equipment for Events, Congresses and Fairs.

Advisory service, Planning and Realisation in the all-up range of technical media equipment.

Renting professional equipment of video engineering, sound engineering and light engineering as well as solutions for computer, presentations and multimedia. Support of events by specialised technicians, TV-experienced cameramen and direct operators.

Realisation of video simulcasts on large-scale displays with several cameras and mobile scene editing and camera direction.

Assignment of openings and  industrial events, corporate presentations etc. In every place where orators and stage actions shall be brought out clearly visible for all participants. Over and above an ideal conceived sound system with delay lines for an articulative and comprehensible voice- and sound transmission.

Equipping of booths with the nouveau seamless FlatScreens XXL, plasma display screens, projectors and computers. Moreover equipping of stands with sound systems for product presentations for fairgoers. 

With our experience of more than 20 years we offer you constantly individual solutions for your specified uses at events, congresses and exhibitions.

Our company's history:

  • 1986
    Formation of a single-member company by Reinhard Stache. This was the period when the first film-studios established with u-matic portable recorders and 1" machinery, so-called VTR. Video-projections were only accomplishable with expensive and quite low apertured tube-apparates in almost completely shaded rooms. Presentations only could be shown on overhead- and slide projectors.

    The first years he worked as a freelancer for filmstudios. He worked both as an assistant and cameraman and as technical supervisor for video and sound systems. First investments in projectors, screens and monitors.

  • 1989
    We establish first contacts to NürnbergMesse through congress activities. Advisory services and talks to project managers and organisers. Co-operation in amplification of the available technology and services for NürnbergMesse. If required additional skilled labour like cameramen, technicians and assistants are be deployed.
    Small office rooms in Nuremberg Sigmundstraße and a warehouse in Höfen will be arranged.

  • 1992
    Booths for industrial clients from Nuremberg area are set up. Afterwards also at german fair headquarters like Hanover, Cologne and Munich.

  • 1995
    The company MEDIEN AKTIVE SERVICE Reinhard Stache  GmbH is founded. General Manager is Mr. Reinhard Stache.

  • 1996
    The demand on technical media equipment of NürnbergMesse is constantly rising. A ServicePartner contract including an entry in the service manual is closed. Every exhibitor comes by this book and may inform on our range of products and also order directly. Yearly increasing volume of orders which are connected with an upstream in investments in our equipment. Staff and logistics requirements are also going up.

  • 1997
    We become ServicePartner of Spielwarenmesse eG including an entry in the Service Manual.

  • 1998
    Enlargement of the warehouse in Höfen.

  • 1999
    There is a shortage of space in the already existing office space. We are looking for new and adequate premises. The location Nuremberg and the industrial area Sigmundtraße shall be retained.

  • August 2001
    Finally we find the ideal conditions for a new branch in Nuremberg, Illesheimer Straße. 700 sqm space for stock- and office space. Our ideas for the office and warehouse are carried into effect in a 4months lasting modification.

  • Dezember 2001
    In mid december we move to the newly originated rooms. Everything has to work by mid January, namely better than before.

  • 2008
    Urgent enlargement of the storage capacity with 210 sqm.

Our client base:

Exhibitors and organisers of congresses of NürnbergMesse and Spielwarenmesse, presenters of events and fairs, industrial clients, advertising and event management agencies, booth builders, hotels, etc.

...and clients who like to work together with us again and again.